Central Wisconsin Psychics and Healing - Providing Intuitive and Healing services in the Wisconsin area


Central Wisconsin Psychics and Healing provide a variety of services.
We offer a wide range of intuitive and healing options to meet your specific needs as an individual or as a host for your next Event or House Party.

Intuitive Services
  • Intuitive Events
  • Psychic/Medium Readings
  • Tarot/Angel Card Readings
  • Spirit Art     
  • Animal Communication    
  • Space Clearing

Healing Services
  • Reiki
  • Bodytalk
  • Access Bars
  • Biogenesis
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Past Life Regression

Our Psychics And Healers
Central Wisconsin Intuitive's and Healers are available for in person readings in the central Wisconsin area and  phone readings anywhere in the United States.

Spirit Artist, Psychic/Medium, Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Grand Master, Past Life Regression

 Reiki Master, a licensed Bodytalk, Acces Bars and Biogenesis Practitioner.


Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Space Clearing

Medium, Tarot and Angel card readings, Animal Communication

Virginia Fedrowitz

   Aura Photographer, Laminine consultant

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